Epson 4800 sublimation printer review

Epson 4800 sublimation printer review

Epson is one of the top printer brands that has introduced printers with efficient and modern features. Talking about the most famous series of Epson printers, it would be EcoTank. Every printer of the series got appreciation among users because great features and affordability at the exact moment. 
In this article, we will talk about one such printer of the EcoTank series, which is often called the updated part of EcoTank ET-4700. Yes, we are talking about the ET-4800 Sublimation printer. We’ll pick up the core features, discuss the parts and thoroughly review the printer to know whether it would be a great choice. 
So, without further ado, let’s get into this. 

Epson 4800 – A Complete Review

Epson 4800 – A Complete Review

Let’s pick up all the parts, features, and technologies introduced in Epson 4800 Sublimation printer and analyze them one by one. Same as other printers, it has cartridges, scanning features technologies, various printing sizes, resolution powers, and much more. And that’s what we need to analyze. 
And here we go.

Structure and Material Quality

We have observed that its plastic material is not so good, especially input and output trays. Although, the overall printer looks sturdy enough. The one thing which is found irritating among users is that they can’t lift the entire scanner fully to access the sheet rollers. They have to pull down the panel at the front to do this. 
Bright side – you can easily access the ink cartridges by lifting the scanner and pulling up the cover on the right side. So, the printer might be ideal for you if you can compromise with the dark side. 

 Screen Size and Display  


Getting you know, it doesn’t have a touch screen feature while displaying. Upon analysis, the display size has been reported to be tiny – only 3.7 cm. Though it has good viewing angles, smaller text is hard to read. And you have to vertically tilt the display panel to see the screen better. 
Pay attention – overall display size is good, and you can easily navigate with the buttons present in a larger size. 


When it comes to the cartridges, it offers four refillable ink tanks so that you avoid traditional refilling after a certain period. But there’s a little bit of effort you need to go along with this. You have to keep an eye on ink levels and manually reset the settings because it has no ink level sensor. 
It also observed that lower ink levels introduce air bubbles into the print tube that might damage printheads. So, you are highly recommended to ensure ink levels to avoid misprint and misalignment whenever it reaches the lower levels.


In scanning features, the Epson 4800 sublimation printer offers a scan flatbed of size 8.5″ x 11″ with 1 PPM speed that fax, copy, and avoid duplex scanning in the meantime. Also, the flatbed extendable hinges are observed at 11 mm that can scan even thicker objects like spiral notebooks. Interestingly, you’re also provided with an Automatic Document Feeder and ADF capacity of up to 30 pages. 
It also includes OCR software that allows you to save your scans as TIFF or PDF files. 

 Resolution Power  

As you know, resolution power always decides the quality of output you get from a printer. Higher the resolution power, the greater the printer would be. In addition, Epson 4800 provides a max resolution of 1200 DPI, while 200 DPI is a default power. It is recommended when printing simple pages and not making any intricate copies. 
But when you’re scanning with small details and handwritten notes, you can enhance the resolution power accordingly to get the best results at the end. This is the core feature reviewed about Epson’s 4800 Sublimation printer among potential users.


 Scan Color Depth  

The printer offers a maximum scan color depth of 24-bit, meaning that your copies would be deeply scanned and printed with great coloring results. The scattering of bits is as follows:

  • 8 bits R
  • 8 bits G
  • 8 bits B

This is because files are always saved as sRGB, and you get a good printing result. 

 Printing Sizes  

We all know that the right printing size is crucial to getting the best quality prints. If we don’t choose the right dimensions of prints, it would be impossible to achieve the best resolution and correct pixels at the end. According to the experts, printing size directly relates to the print’s resolution. And you know what’s the best about this printer? Print size never affects the resolution. 
Some printers might restrict you from getting access to several print sizes. Still, here, Epson 4800 is providing opportunities to gain access to the standard pages and even select the custom sizes. Using the printer, the maximum paper weight should be less than 297 g/m².

 Printing Speed  

If you’re searching for a printer that prints within seconds, Epson 4800 might not be a good choice. But if you’re okay with the slow-speed printers, you can get this one. Upon analysis, it has been seen that the printer provides with a single page-out time speed of 13.8s, while you need to wait for 93.4s for photo printing. And you know what, it doesn’t even print the double-sided sheets automatically that you have to reinsert the page into the input tray when you get a pop-up notification. 
Moreover, the black text document page speed offered by the printer is 8 PPM, and a color document is 4 PPM with an input tray capacity of 100 pages with manual duplex printing. 

 Connectivity Options  

Another reason behind the popularity of Epson 4800 is the variety of connectivity options that it provides to you. It can promote connection with Ethernet, USB cables, Wi-Fi direct and router, Apple AirPrint, and Mopria. 
Pay attention – It will not be connected via Bluetooth and external storage support. 
According to the users, the above connectivity options are enough to operate the printer in-home or in small offices without any trouble. 

 Mobile Application Availability  

The printer also offers you the setup mobile app to which you can operate it efficiently. Talking about the app name, it’s Epson Smart Panel. All you need to do is, connect the application with your printer, which is available on Android and iOS. Plus, promote printing photos and PDFs with Android and iOS. 
Here’s a thing that you’re restricted to go with webpages, Microsoft office files with iOS. For this, you should have an android operating system. The application is essential, so you can check ink levels through this and even start a printhead cleaning. 
Plus, the application also allows a guest connection feature by which your friends can connect to your printer easily by scanning the QR code. One thing, you might face some difficulties or mess up formatting with Apple AirPrint because the application is not so compatible with iOS. 
Apart from all this, the application is highly compatible with Windows, Chrome OS, and macOS, so you don’t need to install any drivers for operating the printer. 

 Our Verdict Availability  

Epson 4800 Sublimation printer review has cleared that it comes up with decent features, though not efficient. Every single feature has a bright side and some lack. So, our verdict is genuinely dependent upon you: if you’re okay with the lacks, you can go with the printer without anything else. 

The Bottom line

In the above article, we have picked up authorized information about Epson 4800 sublimation printer and reviewed each of the parts, technologies, features, and capabilities. The verdict is to get you to know whether the printer is suitable for your needs or not. 
You can check the article from scratch to learn about Epson’s printer. Plus, also tell us your experience with the printer you’ve. And yes, we’ve especially dropped the comment box for you to leave your opinions quickly. 

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