What kind of printer do you need for sublimation?

What kind of printer do you need for sublimation

Talking about sublimation, it’s the process of changing the solid or liquid state of anything into a gaseous state. In terms of printing, it’s a technique that refers to vaporizing special ink and then permanent printing on the fabric. Indeed, the technique can’t be done with regular printers. You surely need special ones to proceed with the technique. 
For sublimation printing, you will need printers that support a heating mechanism to change the liquid state of special ink into vapors, then mixing and permanent printing on the fabric. The printer should have enough capabilities to provide higher speed, resolution, and other modern features. In this article, we’ll surely guide you about the type of printers you need for sublimation and much more. 
Stay with this article from scratch. 

Sublimation Printer Features and Compatibilities

You should not search for what kind of printer do I need for sublimation; instead, you should know what a sublimation printer is used for. This is because you’ll be only able to find out the best for you if you know where you should use it. Talking about the uses of sublimation printers, they’re found to be essential in permanently printing banners, fabrics, and surfaces compatible with sublimation. 
However, the core features of sublimation printers should also be kept in mind. Because keeping them as ideal in front of you will help you find the best one accordingly. For better navigation, we have found a few core features of sublimation printers. 
Check them out below.

Sublimation Technologies

Sublimation Technologies

Firstly, you should get a printer that provides you with exact sublimation technology. As mentioned above, the technology allows a printer to print on a fabric permanently. This is what makes these printers distinguished from regular ones. 
Getting you to know that sometimes you might be offered printers having modified features of operating regular printing and sublimation simultaneously. It’s awesome but risky sometimes. The reason behind dual functionality might not be compatible with RAM power or affect other components in the printer, which impacts overall performance. 
So, your priority should be getting such a printer primarily manufactured for sublimation, regardless of any other functionality. 

Compact Design

Always get a compact printer so you can place it easily in your home or office. Printers with higher dimensions cannot be easily adjusted, or you need much space, which isn’t possible when you already have many gadgets like desktops, keyboards, and others in your office. 
According to the market analysis, we’ve observed that printers with compact designs are slightly more expensive than higher dimension size ones. But we still recommend you to get printers with compact designs because they are valued for money. 

Controlling Platforms

Some printers have controlling options on display, while others offer screen controls. They help you to recheck and control activities if they’re going wrong. You can monitor actions and make final prints accordingly. 
If you don’t know, these days, printers are coming up with modern features and offering web-based and mobile applications-based controlling options. It means you control errors, recheck and make them right by using web-based solutions or mobile applications. It will avoid wasting time and the cost you’d spend on printing. 
So, you should get a printer that offers web or application-based controlling options. 

Device Compatibilities

We recently searched for the best sublimation printers in the market and have done complete research on the features and compatibilities of printers with telecommunication devices. We have observed that a small ratio of printers is coming with compatibilities to all telecommunication devices. 
Otherwise, almost a major ratio of printers comes with compatibilities to any single or two telecommunication devices. For example, a laptop or PC. It might affect your working speed if your printer is compatible with only one or two devices. So, always get a printer compatible with all telecommunication devices and supports working with them even if you’re getting a little bit high prices. 

Wireless Operating

Will you enjoy operating a printer traditionally with display buttons of different colors and sizes? If not, you should look for a sublimation printer offering wireless operation. 
In the market of sublimation printers, you’d find printers that support wireless systems. In this way, you can avoid wasting time and promote efficiency in your work. 
Pay attention – always keep in mind that printers with wireless operating systems cost you more expensive than others. So, you should make decisions according to your budget. 

Higher Printing Speed

Printing speed is a printer’s ability to how much time it will take to print a document. Some printers offer excellent printing speed, while some printers give slow responses. It depends upon the RAM power. 
There are varieties offered among manufacturers in RAM powers. You can choose between 8GB, 12GM, and 16GB RAM as per your usage. If you’re running a business and need higher speed, we recommend getting a printer with 16GB RAM speed. Otherwise, 8GB is enough for home use. 
If you already have a sublimation printer with 8GM RAM power and want higher speed, then we’d recommend you go for modification. i.e., increasing RAM power. But one thing you should keep in mind along with this is always to check other compatibilities too. 
For example, you should check whether other printer components are reliable with higher RAM power. If they’re not, then you should don’t go for modification because it might damage the overall performance of your printer. 

Scanning and Concerns

Scanning involves many more factors, and you must do this feature carefully. Firstly, it depends upon the technology and efficiency of components used for the purposes. It will be a great choice if the printer is good enough to provide modern scanning technology and components.
But you should also check whether page width is affecting the scanning? Because some printers do not support spiral notebooks just because they’re thick. And that’s because of the low thickness or height of hinges. Also, sometimes printers support wide scanning but won’t be efficient enough. 
Meanwhile, your resolution gets affected by printing thick pages. What should you do here?
Expert Recommendation – get a printer with high hinges size up to 11 mm. It will support thick paper printing, even spiral notebooks. Also, it might not affect the overall resolution. 

Resolution Power

As you know well, the resolution power is the output quality of the final print you made by the printer. It mainly depends upon the quality of the printer and the lenses it uses. And yes, don’t all printers have the same resolution power. It depends upon how modern printer you’re getting. 
Resolution powers are of two types; default resolution and maximum resolution. You can set it according to you and follow the experts’ guide. Now, when it comes to what resolution power you should get. 
You should get one that primarily offers you the resolution power of at least 200 DPI by default and a maximum of up to 1000+. Some famous sublimation printer brands, especially Epson and Canon, offer printers with by default resolution of 300 DPI and a maximum of 1200 DPI. 
Isn’t it good enough?
According to the experts, you should enhance the default resolution power when printing handwritten notes to get better-printed results at the end. 

Varieties of Connectivity 

While getting a sublimation printer, you should also keep the connectivity factor in mind. Some printers are only offering restricted connectivity options, while some offer you several ways to which you can connect to the printer. 
You should get such a printer with many connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB at the exact moment. Let us get you to know the benefit; if you’d have several connectivity options, your work will not be stopped. Sometimes, if you don’t have a USB cable, you can promote your work by connecting via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 
So, always get such a sublimation printer that offers various connectivity options. 

Different Page Sizes

It depends upon the input tray size of the printer and might be scanning capabilities. 
Some printers only restrict you to the letter and letter-wide page sizes. In contrast, some printers offer you page size access legal and legal wide, which is undoubtedly great. So, you should check the printing page size capability of the printer before finalizing it. 
If you don’t know, some printers affect the resolution upon choosing large-sized printing paper. You have to avoid such printers. In this regard, we’ve found that Epson sublimation printers are great. They’re offering access to large printing-size papers, even custom pages with enough weight. Plus, also not losing the resolution of the final printing at the end. 

Best Sublimation Printing Brands

Not all printers are compatible with sublimation printing, except special ones. Authorized brands make special printers that support the sublimation mechanisms. But as you know, not all the brands are good enough. Keeping in mind, we’ve compiled a few top-notch brands telling you what sublimation printers can do actually. Meanwhile, you’ll get amazing ones. 
Let’s scratch them out. 

 Canon Printers  

Canon these days manufacturing wireless sublimation printers, especially focusing on making difficult printing procedures easier. You also have complete access to the connectivity options, which is great. 
Interestingly, Canon’s sublimation printers also cost you less than other printers’ brands. And yes, you have dozens of models and series in front of you to choose one according to your usage and budget. 
Isn’t it amazing?

 Evolis Printers  

Evolis printers always come up with an easy configuration system, which means you will need to face no hurdles while using them. These have capabilities to provide you with higher resolution, varieties in printing sizes, and much more. 
Also, these printers mostly come up with higher RAM powers to promote efficient working. And yes, that’s because the printers can print more cards per hour. 

 Magicard Printers  

Magicard sublimation printers mostly provide software that helps you operate quickly and efficiently. And yes, they are also famous for availability at lower costs that one can afford without hassle. Softwares introduced by these printers have drag-and-drop functionality and pre-made templates so you can design and print. 
This is how you can save time waste and promote efficiency during printing. 

 Fargo Printers  

Fargo is another leading brand introducing sublimation printers of higher capabilities and features. Because of greater features, manufacturers are also giving years of warranty. We’d recommend the Fargo printers if you want efficiency in printing pages and easy-to-follow software simultaneously. 

 Sawgrass Printers  

Interestingly, Sawgrass printers offer distinguishing features from all. It has been observed that the printers can collaborate with even other online designer studios and connect to help you create more attractive designs. 
And you know what, it also costs you low. Meanwhile, you can easily afford it without any hassle. Sawgrass printers can print large-size images, maintain resolution, and much more. 

The Bottom Line

In the above article, we’ve shared everything about sublimation printers and what you can do with sublimation printers in-depth. In essence, we’ve mentioned a list of ideal features you should keep in mind when getting a sublimation printer because these will help you get the best from all.
Indeed, a few brands are offering fantastic sublimation printers from all. We’ve also mentioned these for your proper navigation. For more information, you can contact us and leave your opinions in the comment box below. 

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